The results of the fourth International Film Awards Long Key 2023 have been summed up


Today the results of the 4th International Film Awards Long Key 2023 have been summed up. The finalists included: ten feature films from the USA, Russia, India, Taiwan and Germany; thirteen short films from the USA, Russia, Morocco, United Kingdom, Turkey and Spain; four documentaries from the USA, Indonesia, Thailand and a Hungarian-Indian co-production.

This season a new nomination was established: Best Screenplay.

The results are as follows. The best film (Grand Prix, Best Feature Film) is the American film "Apocalypse Love Story (2023)" directed by Justin Wilder Neese. The best short film was awarded to the film from USA "Launch at Paradise (2022)", directed by Carrie Ann Quinn. The best short documentary was "Re Shaped (2023)" from Indonesia, directed by Michael Alexander McDougall.

The American film "Apocalypse Love Story (2023)" also won in the "Best Screenplay" category. Nitin Kumar Gupta was recognized as the best director for the Indian film "Walk (2023)".

Indian actor Rahul Roy won Best Actor for "Walk (2023)". Best Actress went to Kristina Korbut from Russia for the film "The Chase (2023)".

British actor David Harewood was named "Best Actor in a Short Film" for the film "Man to Man (2022)". Trinity Simpson from the USA for the film "The Call of Water (2022)" was recognized as the "Best Actress in a Short Film".

A list of all finalists can be viewed HERE.